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Fine Art Giveaways For Every Paid Subscriber + The Book & Armchair Society Launch

🎁 More Ahead For You in 2024 - Gifts Inside

Hello dear friends,

How are you all faring I wonder as we approach the final days before Christmas?

It’s gently folding into dusk as I write, the weather today has been blustery, wet and in a somewhat changeable mood. Though the calendar does not lie I confess the mild temperatures this week makes it hard for me to believe we’re actually in winter.

I’ve spent the day meal planning and filling the corresponding virtual grocery basket as well as planning activities for our family and guests over the 3 day Christmas period. I would dearly love a real fire place but I do enjoy working away to fire on the telly, which is how I’m helping get myself in the Christmassy spirit, Alba seems to enjoy the crackle and pop.

I really just wanted to hop on here and let you know that every month from January, for paid subscribers on Substack, I will be making a piece of my Still Life work available to you for download. This will be a high resolution full size file which you will then able to take to your printer and use as you’d like. Merry Christmas!

As you may remember the Beagle For Beauty has now permanently moved from this space and is now available only on Substack. There are both free and paid options to continue supporting my work. I'd love you to continue this beautiful journey with me.

If you missed the November Beagle and this month's you will find them both on Substack.

The Book & Armchair Society

There’s something deeply nourishing about fellowship over thoughtful words and ideas. From January I’m also going to be hosting a regular monthly book club for paid subscribers, The Book & Armchair Society. I relish a good read but am not always very organised or disciplined. I’m a chronic multiple book binger and often don’t make it to the finish line. I do however love hosting book talks and have hosted many over the years on an ad-hoc basis. This initiative will hold myself accountable and give me and anyone else in need of it, a rewarding finish line.

Janaury’s title will be The Blue Castle by L.M.Montgomery. My friend in Germany actually suggested this to me and she and I are set to read it but I would love to extend that circle of fellowship and invite you in also. I have no idea what the theme is and am excited to make a new discovery. I’d also welcome your book suggestions for future months, 300 pages or under. The idea is we will read from the start of the month and culminate with a Zoom at the end of the month. This can either be a Thursday evening 8pm GMT or Saturdays 3 or 4pm GMT, will you let me know?

A paid subscription (only $5pm) will now not only continue to support my work but in return you will gain a piece of beautiful art for personal use and The Book & Armchair Society Zoom invitation, as well as all the other features such as Snaps From Home, Podcasts and full access to the archives.

And with that I leave you to your week with blessings and love. Thank you for a wonderful year and your support. Blessings to you and your families and grace for the darker ways.

Jacqui X

Creator God,

whose power and beauty are never spent,

in wintry earth waken us

to the mystery of Your presence.

Creating and Sustaining God,

as this cold, dark season encroaches,

give to us the stability of the deep earth

and the hope of heaven.


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