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A Bit About Me & My Work

I work with photography as it allows me time to experiment and be creative post-edit. I believe the post-process is as much a part of the creative outcome as the shoot itself. I've learned to be curious and patient through my creative  practice. Preparation paves the way for each shoot but often I am surprised as I go, making new discoveries. Flowers have a mind of their own, they have personality. I don't set out to be certain but instead stay curious. 


I work with seasonal and dry arrangements, carefully hand selected for each piece. I match my compositions with props that either form an aesthetic vision or speak into a theme. Sometimes my written work harmonises with the image and other times I use the image to contrast a message. My backdrop is handmade by me and emotes the feel of an aged Tuscan wall. I love to work with natural light and play around with shadows to evoke a Dutch Old Masters feel. 

My Old Masters art crushes are Rachel Ruysch closely succeeded by Jan van Huysum​Unlike many still life artists of the time who featured dead animals and props which point to our mortality, Rachel and Jan's works are a celebration of florals and life. Jan's works seem alive, in motion almost, the scene breathes before you.

A Photographer With A Pen


"Art exists to make us taste the eternal"

- Cezanne


The creation of my art is an extension of my belief that God is present, kind, creative, and has revealed an aspect of his nature towards us through beauty. I've come to discover theodicy, a term which describes the defence of the goodness of God in a broken world. Even in this place of sorrows we see glimmers of comfort.


 I believe that words form worlds and that the creative arts can speak to us. They can form worlds and draw on our imagination towards the things which are in the heart of ourselves that we long for. Whether a bursting abundant arrangement or a solitary dry stem, beauty can be found. In beauty we find life, in life we find hope. Beauty answers a deep calling within; we are made for delight and wonder, for joy and gladness.We are not alone.


The most important thing to me is connection with the viewer. The main focus of my creative work is to invite you into a moment of stillness, beauty and contemplation in contrast to the frenetic rhythms of daily life. I want to remind you that you are human not a machine. A desire to prompt an awareness of connectivity is at the centre of my art. I hope the viewer experiences a sense of peace and known-ness or is stirred to deep reflection.


Community connection is also dear to my heart. Through my monthly e-magazine The Beagle For Beauty, I provide a safe space for conversation within the membership. We are curious and open. Doubt is not seen as a flaw but a bridge to a deeper understanding. No topic is off limits in the readership, previously we've discussed such things as difficulty in marriage, parenting special needs kids, surviving religious trauma, mid-life crisis. I share good and thought provoking things each edition along with original still life projects, recommendations for books, poetry, recipes, TV & Film, and a curated playlist. I love receiving emails and messages from Beagle readers. Although I have a social media presence my heart is to connect more personally this way. I'm building a community not a platform.


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