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Onward Life Coaching

Taking you from STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE.

I am accredited Life Coach also with over three decades of combined ministry and professional experience.


I have worked with teams and individuals in problem solving and developing solution orientated mindsets. Professionally I have helped turn failing retail stores into thriving teams and successful businesses.


As a fifty-something, married 26 years, mum to two now adult children one with SEN, Christian, photographer, song writer, writer, entrepreneur - I have navigated manpersonal life seasons and gleaned valuable insights.


At my heart I am an encourager, listener, advocate and hope bringer.


For various reasons we can struggle on with an issue alone when what we need is a guide, mentor, a friend, to come alongside and help us unpick the knotty issues.


Often our obstacles are hidden in plain sight and it just takes an objective and non-judgmental eye to point out the blind spots.

Life coaching is not counselling or therapy, it's for those who feel stuck and just need a little guided support to help them on their way. This is all about you and helping you to make your own way forward with someone by your side.

Drop me a line, let's talk about how I might be an encouragement to you.

Jacqui Wakelam


Spiritual Formation

I'd love to help you navigate church hurt, spiritual abuse, disillusionment with people of faith, a loss of interest in spiritual practices. I believe I can guide you gently towards a fresh, life-giving view of God and lead you towards grace without judgement.


Seasons ofTransition and Mid-Life

Empty nest, menopause, career pivot, relationship changes, faith questions?
I have successfully negotiated these terrains and can be an encouragement to you in your season of transition. Every person's journey is different but I am passionate and committed to listening to your unique story and helping you progress with gentleness, grace and confidence towards feeling fully alive and living with purpose..


Social Media Addiction

"If you have found yourself, like me, swinging on the pendulum of social media, being either totally addicted/absorbed OR trying to extricate yourself from it all together, then this course is just what you need to regain a sustainable middle ground.  Jacqui talks us through learning how to navigate an ocean of technology we are swimming in, and gives us the tools and processes to help us find our own way through." 

- Abi​ (course attendee)


Quit Smoking - The Easy Way™ (Allen Carr)

From ages 13-23 I was a smoker. Try as I might over that decade, every attempt to quit met with failure which only solidified my belief that it was an impossible task. That was until I discovered the life-changing work of Allen Carr. Using his resources I will walk with you through this exciting journey to a smoke-free life. I have never smoked a single cigarette nor craved one since I used this method. Hardened smokers in my family and friendship circle have also been set free using Allen's method. If you have the desire I have the answer.


Unmask Self Sabotage

I can help you navigate the complex areas which often hold you back in life. I have personally walked with anxiety disorder and found helpful ways to move out of those enclosed walls towards greater freedoms.


I have learned tips, tricks and strategies to move forward in personal organisation and focus, developing self-belief and confidence, finding margin and creating life/work balance. 


Exploring Home Education

I'm what's considered a Home Education graduate, having taken my two (now adult) children through a decade of learning together up to College entrance and University. Let's have a conversation and explore the many wide and vast options available. Home Education does not need to be school at home, it's a wide and varied landscape. There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to education or our children and I'd love to help give you vision for your own journey.


Uncover The Real You

Do you sense a truer you buried beneath the one you show the world? Developing self-awareness is the secret weapon to unlocking your ability to fully flourish.


Photograph Like a Pro

Taking great images is not just for the pros! You don't need a fancy DSLR, the best camera is the one on your hand. As a professional photographer myself with my own fine art print sales business I have over a decade's experience teaching adults, children and groups how to get the most out of their camera. I have designed a course to take you from camera-shy to wall-worthy.

I will walk you through the basics which will elevate your images to the next level: Cracking Composition, Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Negative Space, Action & Motion, Street, Portraits, Landscape, Pets, the possibilities are unlimited!

“Loss is painful, so is staying stuck.” 
― Paul Scanlon

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