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Marriage Books Are Scary & Giveaway News!

Writing is reading. I'm sifting through a lot of material on marriage right now, I'm not going to lie, some of what's out there is frightening. In books you often see them pitched as the magic pill to end all ills; just follow this and thus and all will be well. The former Pharisee in me would have loved these formulaic answers then been crushed when it didn't work. Failure would inevitably come either because I couldn't stick to the rules or my situation didn't fit the generalisation. Fancy that, being unique, different, ha!

Thankfully there are also voices of grace, writers who point to Christ and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, who empower seekers to trust in Him and not to reach desperately and sometimes lazily for a magic bullet. I love when an author doesn't talk down but believes in the reader and their ability to hear from God, they don't seek to the be the answer but to help direct you towards the answer giver. Pray for me as I read and seek to write, I don't know what form this will take but I want it to point you to Christ, He's got this. I cannot wait to share the recent Marriage Survey results, we are going to have some great conversations!

If you're new to my website I welcome you warmly and heartily. My name is Jacqui, I'm a stay-at-home-mum/photographer, married to Michael for 22 years, home educator to our almost 15yo son Jonathan, and a 21yo daughter Zoe who is a singer-songwriter. We have a 10yo Vizsla, you might see her on occasion, she's far cuter than we are. We live in London which is such a great city, you'll see some London life here too. I think of myself as a late bloomer. I came to Christ when I was 27 after my close friend took his life and I've been following Jesus ever since. I believe age is irrelevant, brokenness is just waiting for redemption and that nothing is too hard for God even when we white-knuckle trust Him. So thanks for joining me here!

If you don't already know I am having a fun giveaway for my subscriber friends (pic below). To celebrate connecting here I want to give you the chance to take these lovely books home which will help you connect with God and with others. I've thrown some choccie in too because, well, that's never a bad idea right? ;) You don't need to do anything if you're already subscribed, if not scroll up to the top of this page and hit the SUBSCRIBE button (not the Contact form) and you will automatically be in the running. A winner will be chosen at random next Thursday 5th March at 5pm GMT (UK time). Open to all countries. Hope you win!

Now, if only I can figure out how to end a paragraph without using an exclamation mark.

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