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Ebb & Flow

While being near the sea I’m enjoying reading Gift From The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. What a gem this book is and what a story her life is within itself. Being on holiday is of course a beautiful freeing treat but we know we cannot live in this space, it is not reality. But I have been captured by the thought of ‘ebb and flow’ and the pursuit of unforced rhythms of grace. Jesus says to come and learn from Him, to lean into His ways and find true rest, these unforced rhythms. I sense this undercurrent, I tap into it as like a lifegiving vein, the flow and rush of colour floods the heart. And always the challenge; how do I hold this fleeting deep immersion of grace, as one dashing from the water’s edge with my small bucket to fill the moat around my castle? But the tide will come, it will rush in and meet me, I do not have to fret and work I merely need to wait.  

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