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The October Beagle (Happy 2nd Birthday!) & Gifts For You

Hello friends,

I hope this finds you faring well. Welcome to the Beagle's 2 year birthday edition! I look back on that first issue and am so grateful for how it saved me during those lockdown months and, how small were it's origins! It has certainly flourished since then. I've gotten to hear from so many of you and we have grown on our journey together. I'm deeply grateful you stuck with me and hope we can continue to keep putting our eyes and hearts on all things lovely and occasionally wrestling out some tricky subjects too. I do so enjoy our conversations.

It's been quite a month here in the UK with the passing of the Queen and the appointment of a new King. The Queen's death and the changing of the guard so to speak has brought up a mix of thoughts and feelings in the country, old conversations are being revived regarding Monarchy but there is within us a deep desire for stability and reassurance. We've also seen a change in Prime Minister who has brought in controversial financial changes and as a result our currency is plummeting like a Red Arrow in spectacular display. On the upside, any of my USA friends planning a trip here, now is the time!

This is life is it not, mountain tops and valley lows, ebb and flow? In the midst our little boat is anchored invisibly to a depth of hope that holds fast. I'm almost through reading Disappointment With God by Philip Yancey, a solid message of comfort in stormy seasons. Much of our sense of disappointment and distance from God can be traced back to either bad theology or a lack of understanding of the character of God and our place in his love. I highly recommend his book if you're wavering and wondering where God is in all this.


Another change personally is that I've decided to defer study for a year. The timing is not right and it means I can devote more time to the Beagle and other writing and creative projects in the coming months, as well as some travel with hubby.

I made a big booboo last month with the Beagle apparently. I've been taught over the years to always communicate clearly what it is I'm wanting to say yet in a press to get the Sept Beagle out I put a far too short and apparently 'spammy' email header. Result? A small group of unsubscribes. Whoops.

I am considering a small subscription set-up from November or December. This will allow me to invest further into flowers and my still life for my audience as well as provide a little income to support the time I give to it. It will only be the cost of a coffee and you can be assured the full content will be exclusive to you as a subscriber. I'll keep you posted.


To celebrate the Beagle's 2nd birthday I will be giving away a host of goodies in the last week of October.

★ A signed original print of my work, choose your favourite

★ A signed copy of Sally Clarkson's new book Giving Your Words

★ A sterling silver earrings and necklace set by UK award winning designer Candice of Devine Silverware

★ A signed copy of This Beautiful Truth by Sarah Clarkson

★ A signed copy of the creative spiritual journal Draw Near by UK artist Sophie Killingley

Fiona Cairns biscuits, designer and baker of William & Kate's wedding cake

I'll send out details of how to enter nearer the time in a separate email but it will only be open to my email community so please let your friends know and get them in on the opportunity!

Did you know I link every book, film, recipe etc in the Beagle? Where you see words highlighted and underlined simply click the link.


An Oxford journal...

I’m sitting at a friend’s dining table, looking out on her little walled garden at her Oxford home. Today has been a much needed dose of tangible grace spattered with violent assaults of British autumnal showers. I drive up from London each week to join my friend at her women’s get together and usually stay over so we can go adventure the next day, even if just for a couple of hours. This morning we hopped in the car and found ourselves in the quaintest little village, Cumnor, with its historical buildings, thatched roofs and pasture land. We had to literally take shelter in St Michael's Parish Church between 'thunder plumps' (heavy rain fall) and discovered a little grisly past too. You can read more in the link.