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New Beagle Community Launched

Hi friends!

I am thrilled to be able to invite you to join me in a fresh venture!

I'd love to connect further as a community on my new platform over on Substack.

Introducing - Chapel Studio

This is a great way for us to interact more personally and for me to invite you more deeply into my studio process and faith explorations. We'll be keeping all the regular content but with lot's more opportunity for conversation to be had. You'll be able to join in with discussion threads on books, recipe exchanges, poetry, faith formation, spiritual healing, self-awareness, films and TV, aaaah, so much good stuff!

I’ll still be publishing the Beagle here for now but will be offering a whole host of other benefits over on the Sub.

As a current subscriber to the Beagle you are receiving this invitation email. If you do not wish to join this new venture you will still remain on the Beagle email list.

This is absolutely free to join but I am also offering an Access All Areas tier for those who wish to financially contribute to the ongoing work I do.

Thank you for the wonderful partnership so far, I think this is the next new depth for us.

I have debut good things to share in my first post with you all (Eeeeee excited)

With love, hope to see you on the Sub!

Jacqui X


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