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Anchored Offline In An Online World - my New Course

Hello friends, today I'm launching my new course to help you with your phone use and relationship with social media. I'm not talking about a break-up story it's more about healthy boundaries.

I've been working on this for a few months now and am thrilled to bring you 12 devotional conversations to get you thinking about technology's role in your life and lift your eyes away from the screen to a bigger picture for living.

If you're suffering phone-use anxiety, addiction or have thoughts of tossing your device off a high bridge or smashing it with a hammer, then this conversation is for you. You are not alone!

Technology is here to stay. Let's face it, it's a great blessing in so many ways, who doesn't love to order ahead or price check in-store, but also, let's keep it real, it can become an addictive ball and chain which slowly and silently creeps into every spare moment we might have, even the bathroom!

We're more 'connected' and being fed more content than ever yet we're the most lonely and feeling emptier than ever. I'm sure you already know, social media has a down side.

Full confession, we are a tech family so I'm not preaching from some lofty height or writing from my wireless hut deep in the woods. Between us we have 12 screens (smart devices) not including disused monitor screens or old phones. My hubby is a film animator, writer, deisgner, I am a photographer and writer. My 21yo daughter is a singer songwriter and my 15yo son uses screens every day for his education (or Minecraft!). I'm on Instagram for my photography, ministry, Home Ed, Facebook and also a blog! My daughter relies heavily on social media for music promotion through IG, TikTok and FB and has worked in SM marketing in the past. Thankfully my hubby and son aren't on any social platforms, long may that last!

So why have I put these conversations together?

As a Home Educator of 10 years and a professional who's also dedicated to women's ministry, I began to notice a change in myself over the past several years; a fragmented mind, loss of ability to focus, polarised opinions, distractedness and irritability with my family and most of all a loss of spiritual disciplines.

This is no magic bullet. I see this as more of a 'devotional conversation', one which I have with myself daily and one which I hope to invite you into. We need to keep having this conversation!

What the conversations will NOT do: NO shaming. NO guilting. NO condemning. NO formulas. NO requirements to fulfil. NO commitments to make.

What the conversations WILL do:

GIVE you a language for the areas you might be struggling with. GIVE you prompts for reflection and self-awareness. GIVE you practical ideas, tips and tricks (anchors) to try. GIVE you further resources for your own study. GIVE you a broader vision for your life away from the phone. GIVE you a safe space to ask questions and discuss with others. GIVE you spiritual anchors to consider as you navigate social media.

I don't see myself as St.George; posing proudly spear in hand with a victorious foot on a vanquished dragon. No. Rather I see myself as a lion tamer in the circus of life; in one hand I hold a whip and the other a chair and I'm beating back those snapping jaws.

Drawing from my own experiences and study in this area I believe there are some habits which can help us stayed attuned to our online behaviours. Together we can talk about the struggle, because the struggle is real. We can ask some thought provoking questions and arm ourselves with helpful ways to navigate a daily ocean of technology without getting tossed around. But so much more than simply looking away from screens I want to stir your heart to see more of the life that is all around you, to fall more in love your family, your creativity, life goals and your God.

What I will cover:

So if you think this is for you simply click HERE or the course image at the top and it will take you there. I've made the first session available for free! And if it's not for you, enjoy the life we were once living! :)

Jacqui X


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