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The Quarantine Diaries: Final Entry - Goodbye Lockdown, Hello Life!

We made it friends, I'm not sure what shape we're in but we made it? Here in the UK we've just entered week 12 of Lockdown and things are beginning to ease, we won't have full services operating until July 15th, social distancing guidelines will continue to be in place. We've had to chameleon our way through the last couple of months and who knows what we will be when we finally fully emerge? One thing we can be sure of, we will be different.

Have you had time to be reflective or has it all been one long blur? I had plans to read many books, all of which I'd bought and stacked ready, I only finished one of them and bought another I hadn't planned on and read that instead! I think this is a metaphor for my quarantine experience :)

I love this by artist Danielle Coke known as ohhappydani on Instagram -

Whether we have sailed through like Rose on the front of the titanic her lavish locks blowing in the breeze or curled up in the corner gently rocking while nursing a tub of Ben & Jerries, we have all made it our own way and that's something to celebrate.

My hubby continues to recover from the virus, it is a yo-yo ride of a journey, I feel for anyone who's been hit with it, grace to you today. Add to that a broken nose and concussion from a very well thrown 'folf' disc and he's had quite the rough ride, I'm sure many of you have similar stories, life goes on.

I'm continuing to explore my photography and the Dutch still life style. I took the top image today after looking at a painting by Johann Baptist Drechsler, Still Life with Flowers, 1788. That title is very common I can tell you! You can follow me on Instagram if you'd like to keep track with my progress.

And now we come to the final entry for the Quarantine Diaries. I was joined once again by my dear kindred Jennie Nelson as we decided to wrap up our series and neatly tie the bow. We wanted to step back and take a look at some of the bigger picture takeaways from this season. Just click on the image below to open the window. I hope you enjoy our discussion and laughter, tell me what your biggest takeaways are, I love hearing from you.

Jacqui x

Some thoughts offered up today on the QD are;

* Moving Slower: Simplicity & Stillness are superpowers

* More Time Doesn't Mean More Productivity

* Cultivate Connections

* Is You Buried Under You? Springing from Paul Scanlon's message 'Don't stay loyal to an old version of yourself'

* See That No One Leads You Astray: Staying anchored in Truth in a world swamped with 'truths'

Books Mentioned

Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen

Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson

Power Sheets by Lara Casey

The Power of a Positive No by William Ury Ph.D.

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