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Limitation Is Life's Gift To Us

This is a different post to my usual ponderings but as many of you already know photography is a big part of my life. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will already have journeyed with me over the past weeks and have an insight into why I'll be sharing more of my photography. I hope you enjoy my images as well as my words. My heart is that I can naturally combine all the things I'm passionate about as I move forward, which are holding onto and creating beauty, sharing truth and being an encouragement to anyone who cherishes the same.

I’ve never had a dedicated studio space, I’ve worked out of my lounge room, wardrobe, bedroom and any open spaces outside that offered good light, and even then I’ve had to fight for the light at times, every photographer's struggle! But I am of that tribe who love life on the hack and get a kick out of charity shops finds.

When I was doing portrait work every Saturday I would totally clear my dining room of furniture and hide it in the lounge covered by a screen and pretty drape, voila, studio space! I’ve heard it said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and I’ve found that to be true in life and creative pursuits. Have you had to get creative in order to express yourself in the midst of limitations? I’d love to hear from you.

I started out 9 years ago with a humble Canon 350D and 18-55mm kit lens which, for the dreams I had in my heart was a challenging bit of gear to start off with. But, the best camera is the one in your hands, so rather than sorrowfully wish for a better camera or pray for cash to miraculously appear through my letterbox, I began to work with what I had. I studied other inspiring photographers who had the same limitations and spurred myself on to enjoy the process not just the product. How many of you know once the end result is out there you’re already looking ahead to the next, so if you live for that moment to fill you you’ll not only miss the joy of the journey but you’ll only be filled in fleeting spurts. I did alot of free work to build my portfolio and experience up and a couple of years later I borrowed some money to invest in my now Canon 6D which I was able to pay off in 4 months. Photography is an expensive hobby, you eventually reach the point of deciding if you’re going to make a living from it or, find a rich friend!

For this series of 1815 inspired Peonies my daughter dug out her reenacting clothes from days when we used to jaunt about regularly in an empire waistline and feel quite at home about it, we still do, although my waistline is now a little more expanded! We set up in my bedroom and chased the light for an hour late in the day. I love the softness these images portray, the quietness and soft hues of the flowers.

My daughter who modelled is an expert at making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, she makes the ordinary special by using what’s available and offering it up to imagination. Do you feel stymied creatively, do you think ‘if only I had this, or that, then I’d really be able to make it’? You may feel empty handed today or that you only have a few loaves and fishes but challenge yourself to look at what you have rather than what you lack and offer it up to your imagination. Who knows, that small offering might just feed 5,000 :)

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