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The Quarantine Diaries 5: Fun Films For Mum

Here in our little London corner I feel we're in the Wednesday of lockdown - 'hump day'! We're all a little weary at times but looking forward to the weekend of liberation! As women who love to nurture their minds and pursue intellectual growth it's also so good to be able to switch off and enjoy a good film. Jennie and I had great fun sharing our personal favourites, it was SO hard to narrow the list down and I know we left off many. Tell us some of your feel-good go-to's! We've listed ours below, all of them can be watched with the children around unless otherwise stated but also take into account your own discernment on what's suitable for your littles. I have mostly linked them to Amazon DVD titles but many are available on streaming platforms. I've thrown in a couple of bonus recommendations to round us up to 20!

With love,

Jacqui & Jennie x

(I debated whether to include this one, it's one of the most beautiful stories I've ever seen but it could trigger if you've experienced loss of a child. Ultimately the story is one of incredible self-sacrifice and redemption - watch to the end, it leads in an unexpected direction!)

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