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Wifey Rant & Winter Cheer

(Our Vizsla Alba taken last Feb, shows you that even hounds blink at the wrong time! :D )

So, I couldn't bring myself to finish this particular book! I'm sure this is not a taste of things to come as I look at the stack of research before me but boy are there some not-so-helpful words to wives out there. Dear God please don't let me be one who looks back in 10 years to *truths* I've offered only to see them as opinion. How many of us have done that over the years? Beliefs once so strong held in un-erasable black or white have now taken on a softer more compassionate shade in light of the Gospel as we've matured and walked in grace. Thank you for those who emailed me in response to praying for me it means so much to hear from you.

We had a little flurry of snow yesterday here in London, literally a few flakes and then poof, it was gone. But it took me back to last year when we had a lovely settling of the magic dust and as I watched it drift down so effortlessly it provoked thoughts of redemption and peace.

A wonderful writer Sarah Clarkson also penned some words this week in reflection of Ash Wednesday and the changing seasons of life and motherhood, so beautiful, so insightful, you can enjoy her poem On My Ash(less) Wednesday: A Poem here.

Speaking of Lent, do you observe this tradition? I haven't until this year. I came across a writer called Emily Morrice on Instagram yesterday who had written a blog which so perfectly fits my journey.

Emily starts out "Today marks the first day of Lent, the 40 day season preceding Easter Sunday. A completely optional exercise that was never commanded in Scripture, isn't practiced in most Evangelical churches, and won't at all make you a better Christian if you take part - and I love it. The liturgical calendar is something I've become reacquainted with in recent years and has been a great encouragement to my faith and the way I disciple my children". I thought I'd share this gem with you also, Let's Talk Lent can be found here. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this lady more.

And my final cup of wintery, Lenten, poetical cheer comes from music artist Jonathan Ogden. His track titled Friend has such a mellow, comforting vibe and the lyrics draw the listener into a sweet space and lifts your heart to see God's faithfulness. His closing lyrics resonate with my thoughts about snow and the blood of Christ.

"All my sins you have covered, you have covered for me. Oh your love is like no other, like no other Jesus"

Play on Spotify or YouTube

Have a great weekend!

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