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Marriage 'Woahs' & Free Printable Poster

"Woah!" I have been so overwhelmed and encouraged by the 100 marriage surveys that wives helped to complete, I don't know what I was expecting but I can see we have a lot of wisdom and questions to share that I underestimated. Thank you SO much if you took part! I'm currently kitchen-sink-deep in research, pondering and scribblings about marriage as well as wife-ing and parenting and all the other great stuff of life. We'll be celebrating our 23rd anniversary this year, I actually thought it was our 24th but after much debate, scribblings, mental maths from Jonathan and finally an anniversary calculator we all agree on 23! Really for a moment that was quite a hilarious scene thinking we'd celebrated our 20th a year early. Michael and I were both left feeling a bit senile :D

How was your Valentine's Day? I haven't historically marked it but you can read in my instagram post why I am now a true blue, roses red convert! Read about it HERE

I've just signed up for an Ann Voskamp daily devotional for marriage re-ignition called How Real People Make (Real) Love, I'm not sure if it's still open but well worth a look.

Michael managed to fly back a day early from a business trip in the States to be with us this Valentine's day, a first as he's usually away the past few years at the same conference. My son and I painted watercolour bookmarks for our neighbours and dropped those off in the day along with a long stemmed red rose and bit of choccie, every woman should feel cherished for at least one day. We had a scrummy breakfast, wrote or made cards for each other and read love thoughts, scriptures and poems over coffee.

Aren't these flowers so beautiful, a sweet friend sent these following my concussion and subsequent post-concussion syndrome journey, they really brightened my day! I want to give you a gift and hopefully brighten yours too. Watch your inbox in the coming weeks as I have a fun giveaway for my subscribers only! BTW I am now totally better and so grateful for a healthy brain again.

I am really looking forward to sharing some of the insights from the marriage survey in the weeks and months ahead. Having just turned 50 last month I think it's safe to consider myself an 'older woman' now and so take it seriously the admonition written in Titus, "Older women likewise are to be reverent in behaviour... They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children... My hope in writing about marriage starting with our own joys and jostlings, is that it will encourage and help you. Failing that it might give you a giggle at least.

One area which we have really grown in in our marriage and family (and will always need reminding of) are our our words. I've attached here a FREE POSTER for you inspired by a poster Ann Voskamp has taped to her chalkboard, feel free to print and pin up as a gentle reminder somewhere...maybe the bathroom or kitchen after hubby or the kids have been in there? ;)

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