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You Are Here

You don’t need reminding; We live in a busy, too busy, overcrowded, and noisy world. Yet deep calls to deep. 

There is a cost to pulling away from the current of activity. 

It might be paid by way of financial outlay or loss. Disappointing other’s expectations. A health issue that sidelines you. Saying no to work. 

There is a cost but the return on the investment can’t be measured with money. 

Hearing the voice of your heart more clearly, tuning out the dominant voices.

The gift of objectivity to see with a macro rather than a wide angle lens. 

To stand back from the map of your life and find the ‘You Are Here’ marker and regain your bearings on the overall journey. 

It is a gift. 

Maybe you need to say no some things today or someone, but if your life, marriage, parent-heart, is speaking to you that you need space to let these areas flourish then saying no means you’re saying yes to a fresh perspective and possibly a fresh start. 

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