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Gift Eleven: A Different Kind Of Beautiful - 12 Days of Giveaways

This song dates itself a bit with the reference to Myspace (seems like an eon ago!) so if you can think of a rhyming replacement, let me know :D

Love your neighbour as you do yourself

But I been wishin’ I was someone else

Mirror mirror, on the wall,

You’re the biggest liar

Of them all

Walk around like the prefect picture

Strike a pose for designer culture

I wanna meet your friends face to face

See your perfect world

But it’s all on Myspace

You won’t see me in Hollywood

Or on your TV screen

I’m not the sexiest thing alive

But I’m the best I’ve ever been

Yeah yeah yeah

Oprah doesn’t even know my name

But I’m a star just the same, yeah

I’m a different kind of beautiful

A different kind of beautiful today

Today, yeah yeah yeah

I’ve mourned the bloom of fleeting youth

Forsaken lies in place of Truth

Charm is deceptive, beauty a liar

Give me the jewels refined in the fire

Can we get beneath the surface

Can we risk being seen

Not quite so perfect

© Jacqui Wakelam 2006

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