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Gift Ten: Detox - 12 Days of Giveaways

All The answers are awaiting

In the presence of a King

Every need, every desire

Every single thing.

When we didn’t know He listened

Never knew He cared

Could not feel, His loving presence

Yet He was always there

I feel the sun on my wings

Now I know

Why the caged bird sings

I have dreamt of freedom

I have longed to fly

Now I know why

He can heal the broken hearted

Bind together fragile wings

Turn your tears into laughter

Teach you how to sing.

He can find that little child

Restore, innocence again

He can break through the clouds of darkness

Help you live again.

The story of my life sometimes

Is just too hard to read

I tried to tear the pages out

So no one else can see.

But now I’m here before You

My heart’s an open book

You’re the author and the finisher

So take a closer look

© Jacqui Wakelam 2006

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