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Gift Seven: Invasion Theory - 12 Days of Giveaways

Pick up service

Pull down pride

Just one man

To turn a tide.

Forgiveness for debt

Justice, neglect

Strike at the heart

Ripple effect



Into your hands

I’m freely falling


Hand grenade

You’ve rearranged

And invaded my whole life

Permission to shine

Turn back the blind eye.

Food on the table

Not pie in the sky

Raise the light

No more stumbling on

Love took our hand

We put down the gun

The baptism that You bring

Burning deep within

Searching the thoughts and intents of my heart.

Where myself is king

Dethrone and enter in

I'm on my knees, you hold the keys

You finish what You begin

It’s not alright

I’m not okay

Rome wasn’t put together

In just one day.

It’s not alright

I’m not okay

But I’m comin’ outta the night

Into a beautiful day

You are the beautiful day

© Jacqui Wakelam 2006

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