Gift Five: Fly - 12 Days of Giveaways

December 28, 2018




Just another rainy day, on the outside

This hard cold world keeps tryin’

To get inside my mind.

Seems Like the darkness out there

Gets darker day by day.

If it wasn’t for Your presence

How could I find my way?


Thinkin ‘bout the roads I’ve travelled

Where I’ve been before

Your love is callin’ me in through an open door.

Nothin’ I can do to resist

The voice of Your love’s call

Gotta make my break for freedom

Before I lose it all.


Draw me as I draw near to You

Into Your sanctuary, where I belong

Life’s so worth livin’

When my life is in You

Teach me to fly


Used to think that I was noone

I blended with the rest

Never dreamed it was You Who formed me

You knew my address.

Now the only cry of my heart 

Is to love You more and more

That Your cross will be the reason

That I am livin’ for


You never change, You stay the same

When all else fails Your love it still remains


© Jacqui Wakelam 2002

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