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Beautiful & Easy DIY Vintage Bunting

Recovering recently from an illness has given me wonderful time and opportunity to dedicate to some of my favourite things, pursuits which make my heart happy, and you know that's very biblical because 'a merry heart does good like a medicine'! Here's a simple and beautiful idea for the home or as a gift which I've seen others make, inspired I wanted to make my own. I have used here a book of English flowers but you could use any book of your chosen theme such as birds, artworks, animals, these would look great in a children's bedroom with jungle animals or superheroes on!

1. CHOOSE YOUR BOOK/PAPER I found this in a charity shop (thrift) for a few pounds and they can also be found on Amazon.


For book lovers like me this may hurt and go totally against your heart, but do go for it!

3. CUT THEM INTO TRIANGLES Flip the pages over and on the back draw out your triangle using a ruler and pencil. Be sure it is the right way up when reversed and that the point of the triangle is dead centre of the page width. I used Pinking Shears for cutting to give that lovely zig-zag edge.

4. FOLD THE TOP EDGE & TRIM This is where you will hot glue your hanging ribbon, string or fabric inside.

Snip off the overhanging corners each end.

5. CHOOSE AND CUT YOUR HANGING MATERIAL I wanted pretty vintage or floral colours so I chose ribbon but I am also going to use garden string. 6 meters seemed a good length to me, this holds approx 12 flags and allows spare each end for tying.

Hot glue the inside of the fold and the triangle as you want it to adhere well to each side of your ribbon.

I spaced mine a flag's width apart, it's up to you.

6. SECURE THE RIBBON ENDS I found clear plastic/rubber hair ties were perfect for keeping all the ribbon tidy and together. To get the flag in a neat pile you need to fold them on top of each other, front on back, back on front, like an accordion.

VOILA, YOU'RE DONE! (dog not included :D)

I hope you like this, which crafts are your favourites? Do share your pictures if you make some or have some already. I'm off to eat home made cheesy cheese scones!

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