Bee In A Sweetpea

Bee In A Sweetpea

Newly blossoming peonies, ranunculus and sweet peas. These soft creamy pastels worked well in the morning light and that little pop of purple set it off just right. My trusty dried bee made an appearance. 


I’ve always felt drawn to ‘dark light’ (low-key/low light) still life. I work with natural and available light which can make things a little unpredictable but I like this as it reminds me I’m not in control and develops my patience, something I need to constantly work on! The moody tones evoke emotion which really draw you in and also gives a painterly quality which harkens to the Dutch Masters who I strive to emulate. The presence of shadows accentuates the light, drawing further attention to that which is noteworthy, of beauty.


And in those days I knew again and again that these are the shadowlands where the light is growing; this is the quiet space into which Beauty speaks its truth.” - Sarah Clarkson, This Beautiful Truth


    Printed on Giclee Hahnemühle PhotoRag museum quality paper, 308gsm.

    With its distinctive smooth and chalky feel, this paper boasts a lightly defined surface, lending each printed image a three-dimensional appearance and impressive pictorial depth. Matt premium inkjet coating.


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